•  100% european insects, cooked in France.
  •  Taste, above all!
  •  Healthy & Highprotein
  •  Green & substainable
  • Healthy & crispy snacks

    Healthy & crispy snacks

    Discover our delicious seasoned mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers! Cooked with care in France and ready to eat.

    As a snack or a crisp, full of healthy and sustainable protein, JIMINI'S enables you to enjoy the goodness of edible insects!

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  • Lets's cook insects!

    Lets's cook edible insects!

    Discover edible insects to cook with our quick and easy recipes for an original and delicious meal!

    Sweet, salty, with starter, main course or dessert, our grasshoppers and mealworms will delight you!

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  • Get the cricket power!

    Get the cricket power!

    At work or hiking, get the cricket power with our protein/energy bars!

    Our bars are made from organic dried fruits and almonds and enriched with cricket flour. It's good and It's natural!

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Jimini's gets involved for you!



    Our aim is to help you discover and like edible insects, so we create our products and recipes in our workshop with the best insects, ingredients and seasonings.



    Insects have the power to reduce the environmental impact of our diet by consuming fewer resources (food and water), and taking up less space than cattle. Our goal is to bring this new source of food to our plates.



    Insects eaten whole or as flour are rich in protein and are a source of minerals (iron, zinc and calcium). They contain all the essential amino acids, vitamin B121 and omega 3&6.

Let's worm up together!

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    L. Joanna - 01/06/18

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