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How to pair drinks with insects

Drinks with insects - pairings

We are heading to Imbibe Live next week, so to celebrate we’ve been thinking about the best ways to pair drinks with insects for the ultimate taste sensation. If you’ve been to one of our bugs and beer events you’ll … Read more

Can vegetarians eat edible insects?


People often ask “Are vegetarians allowed to eat edible insects?” In a nutshell, there is no definitive answer because it comes down to personal opinion. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting topic so we thought we’d break it down, just to see … Read more

The benefits of edible insects!

Find out about the benefits of the edible insects

Edible insects: An ancient practice  Many Europeans today don’t know that their ancestors treated themselves regularly to edible insects until the end of 17th century! In many countries, it is still a basic commodity, eaten as daily as the bread in … Read more