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A list of proteins alternatives

4100A list of protein alternatives

At JIMINI’S, we understand that edible insects are not the unique solution to solve our food issues. This would put too much pressure on this protein source and it is also important to eat varied sources of protein. As we’re … Read more

JIMINI’S insect burger recipe

3609insect burger

Today, we share with you the recipe of our insect burger ! A few days ago, Ikea imagined a future fast food menu with a burger patty made with insects. Not bad… But we got an early version in 2015 … Read more

Come eat insects at Vivatech !

3854Manger des insectes vivatech

From the 24 to 26th of Mai, will be held the third edition of the fair Vivatech in Paris. This event is dedicated to innovation and new technology and is held at “Parc expo porte de Versailles” in Paris. There … Read more