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Insect Protein Pasta – Avocado & Brazil Nut Pesto

2424Recepten met eetbare insecten

Our insect protein pasta is packed full of goodness and our conchiglie is no exception! By using buffalo worm flour combined with durum wheat and eggs, this delicious high protein pasta goes amazingly with so many different sauces and flavor combinations! … Read more

Eat insects with your ice cream!

2384Eat insects with ice cream

Eat insects with ice cream – are we crazy? You might not immediately think of it as an insect with your ice cream . We love to challenge you! Firstly, if you have already tried our bugs, you’ll know that … Read more

Want to buy insects to eat?

2376buy insects to eat

Why should you buy insects to eat? We believe that they are not just the future, but are for now! In order to keep providing you with the possibility to buy insects to eat, insects have to be farmed. Insects … Read more

Insect Flour – A Food Revolution

2144Insect flour bars

Insect flour is now a great option for your day-to-day diet. In their whole form the insects can occasionally be off-putting to people, but in the form of flour there can be no more excuses. In addition to all the … Read more