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It might seem a detail to you, but it is an important step for us! We are very proud to announce our ISO 22 000 certification. JIMINI’S is the first French company to be certified for the production of insects … Read more

Cooking insects for dessert

5227Edible insects recipe

You want to start cooking insects? You’re in the right place ! At JIMINI’S, from starter to dessert, from winter to summer, we love to cook insects in every way. For today, it will be a dessert. On the menu, … Read more

We’re coming in 650 German supermarkets !

4935Edible insects Germany

After announcing, last year, that our insects were arriving in Spain, here we go again! We’re proud to reveal that JIMINI’S is coming to German supermarkets. Our whole team worked diligently for months to achieve this project. Our range of … Read more