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IKEA created an insect burger

3428ikea insect burger

Did you know that 30% of IKEA customers go there to eat in their restaurant? The managers of the famous store chain are aware of it and take this information very seriously! Ikea space10lab imagined the fast food of the … Read more

Eating insects for the environment ?

3328eating insects environment benefits

Edible insects are not only delicious and nutritious, it is a sustainable food that could be an answer for improving our global food system. Meat is often criticized for its ecological impact. Eating insects as a protein source could be … Read more

Eating insects is good for the heart !

3246Eating insects is good for the hart

The benefits of eating insects We already know that eating insects has a large number benefits. Insects are delicious, an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals and they are a sustainable food source. But that’s not all…we can now add another benefit … Read more

Insect Protein Pasta – Avocado & Brazil Nut Pesto

2424Recepten met eetbare insecten

Our insect protein pasta is packed full of goodness and our conchiglie is no exception! By using buffalo worm flour combined with durum wheat and eggs, this delicious high protein pasta goes amazingly with so many different sauces and flavor combinations! … Read more