Top 5 ideas for a perfect Christmas


Youpi, it’s almost Christmas! The turkey, the fireplace, the Christmas tree, the playlist and the reception of the guests … Everything has to be perfect, otherwise, the magic might fly away. Because we’re here to serve you, we give you … Read more

Do insects contain gluten ?

4627est-ce que les insectes comestibles contiennent du gluten ?

Gluten … the strange word that pops up more and more. What is gluten? What is it doing? And can I eat insects if I am gluten intolerant? We will try to answer these questions for you in the text … Read more

What is an Ento-Vegetarian ?


In the blog, we discussed the question of whether edible insects are superfoods, we used the term ‘ento-vegetarian’. We got surprisingly many questions about what exactly this means. Here follows the explanation, taken over with permission from the author on … Read more