Cambodia, recipe of cooked insects : Khmer frying

4686Recipe of cooked insects : fried crickets

After offering us a Japanese insect recipe, Les Criquets Migrateurs are coming back this month with a recipe from Cambodia. We’re letting them present this new recipe

In Cambodia and more widely in South-East Asia, in the markets or in the street, many snacks are offered on mouth-watering stalls. Among the different culinary specialities, we can find some cooked insects, prepared with fine ingredients from the Cambodian culinary repertoire. Their favourite species are different kinds of crickets, some silkworms, giant waters bugs and beetles.

Using all these information, let’s start cooking crickets in the Khmer way!

Fry 50 grams of crickets, and cook them in the pan with :

– 4 garlic cloves cut in small pieces
– 1 fresh stem of lemongrass cut in pieces
– 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
– 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce
– 8 combava leaves
– 2 tablespoons of palm sugar
– 2 tablespoons of chicken broth

Wait until it caramelizes, serve it with chives and peppers. Eat this recipe of cooked insects with a cold drink.

Thanks to Annie and Sébastien, from the Criquets Migrateurs, for allowing us to travel while staying comfortably in our chairs. The concept: Travel across 8 countries, in Asia, Central America, Europe and Africa in order to discover and learn more about edible insects and entomophagy. Stay tuned because the next recipe will be from Thaïland and is looking to be delicious!

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