Edible ants : A crispy story from Brazil !

4476Eat edible ants

Did you know that? In Brazil, we love soccer, Caipis, but we also love… edible ants!


Edible ants in Brazill!

Just as in Mexico where people love eating edible grasshoppers called Chapulines in Oaxaca, Brazilian also eat insects. You can enjoy edible insects in many Latin American countries.

As an example, we eat “hormigas culonas” in Colombia. These are the famous “fat-ass ants” that are collected in the Santander region. They are fried with spices and considered as a delicacy.

In BraziI, people prefer to eat ant eggs. Due to deforestation, pesticides and over-collection, it is becoming harder and harder to get these delicious products called “Caviar”. It is a real problem for the country really attached to its traditions…


Will you take some crispy ants with your Caïpi?

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