Insects & Nutrition : Fuel your body with edible insects for winter sports

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For many of us, February holidays have started and it means strenuous skying sessions, long snowshoeing sessions, hardcore snowboard ride or watching Olympic games in front of the TV…
To fuel your body for all these moments, you will need tasty and nutritious food.
Edible insects are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. If you care about your health and nutrition, insects can be a sustainable way to fuel your body!

Insects & nutrition: Rise early and well with a granola enriched with insects powder

We all know that a good way to start the day is to fuel our body with proper and nutritious food. When we’re going hiking or skying for the whole day, we need to get a steady supply of carbohydrates, fat and proteins.

You don’t have to fear carbs and fats especially if you want to feel energetic during the day. For a strenuous effort in the cold mountain, it’s better to go with low glycemic index food. The energy will be slowly released in your bloodstream for giving you energy during a longer period of time.

The addition of fat and fibres will even lower the glycemic index. For a perfect meal that will keep you full for the hours to come, you can add a portion of high-quality proteins.

Why not give a chance to our high protein granola? It contains oats, quinoa and coconut sugar which are low glycemic index carbs, some almonds to add fats and fibres and a source of high-quality protein in the form of buffalo worm powder.

Feel your body between meals with energy bars

When it’s 4 PM, the last meal was already a few hours ago and the next one has not arrived yet… You can feel sleepy and moody with an empty stomach. So why not fill your body with nutrients? It will help you walk other miles and climb new walls like you were fresh.

If you depleted your glycogen levels after moving for many hours, a source of easily digestible nutrients that can be brought during the trip is a good option.

That’s with this idea in mind that we developed our range of cricket energy bars. They are made of organic dried fruits, nuts and cricket powder. All these ingredients are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You’ll be invincible until the dinner!

End the day with a delicious pasta pot

After this long day, you deserve a nice and warm meal. So why not keep it simple with some high-protein pasta, cheese and vegetables.

Our high-protein pasta contains a portion of carbohydrates and more than 13g of proteins per serving. If you had some cheese, you’ll get another source of proteins and fats. Vegetables will bring some water, vitamins and minerals. Yes, fat and carbs before sleeping… It has been shown that eating saturated fats and carbs before sleeping improves your sleep quality and improve recovery. It will lover your stress level and increase the recovery process. If you needed any excuses to indulge in delicious pasta and cheese, here you got a serious one. Check out our recipes: Protein-packed pasta with mushrooms and parmesan or some high-protein pasta bake with mozzarella, tomato and basil.

See you in the snow park!

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