High protein insect pasta : Nutritious and tasty !

5247High protein insect pasta

Pasta, that’s the perfect comfort food! To the questions: “What are we eating tonight?”, “I don’t have time to cook, what can I do?” or “What can I prepare? I’m not a chef”. Pasta is the answer… At JIMINI’S, we like simplicity, but we’re not conventional! We like tasty and nutritious food and we wanted to offer you some high protein pasta. Our secret ingredient? Buffalo worm powder! Discover our high protein pasta enriched with insect powder.

A new way to get your protein with insect pasta

These kinds of pasta fortified with insect powder present several benefits. They contain all the 9 essential amino acids present in animal proteins. Highly digestible, they, therefore, represent an excellent source of protein. With more than 18% of complete protein, you don’t need to add any piece of meat to your meal. Not only a great source of proteins, but they also contain a large amount of iron.

Iron transport oxygen in our body and help storing it in our muscles. Important, isn’t it?

For a perfect and healthy dish, combine these portions of pasta with a spread of olive oil, and fresh vegetables. Carbohydrates, fibres, proteins, lipids and irons, in the right proportion; perfect to attack the day!

Healthy, tasty and organic, isn’t it beautiful?

For offering you the best quality ingredients, our pasta is produced in a small facility in France using 86% of organic ingredients (wheat and eggs). Our insects are farmed in the Netherlands. The recipe is simple: We mix some organic wheat with buffalo worm powder and some organic egg white to fix the mix. The 14% left of non-organic ingredients is the buffalo worm powder. Even if we’re using the highest quality of insect powder, there is no label that currently exists for organic insects. For now, our insects are fed with non-GMO local ingredients and many of that feed is organic. Be sure that once it will be possible to offer organic insects, we will be here!

“And what about taste ?” The answer is simple: They are just tasty, simply just as whole pasta. Cook them for your friends or your beloved ones, they won’t be able to tell any difference with regular pasta.

For all of you who are now convinced by insect pasta, you can order your packs of insect pasta here!

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