It might seem a detail to you, but it is an important step for us!

We are very proud to announce our ISO 22 000 certification. JIMINI’S is the first French company to be certified for the production of insects for human consumption!

ISO? What’s that?

We asked our quality manager Sandrine what ISO actually means.

“ISO 22000 is an international standard for food safety management. The standard ensures the safety of our products and guarantees an effective and secure quality management system.”

Nice as we are, we will translate this for you! In our workshop in Vaux-le-Pénil, our team swarms through the production areas daily to meet your taste and quality requirements. Since the very beginning of this adventure, we have met all European requirements applicable to food. Our employees do their work with a lot of love and follow all guidelines in the field of hygiene and production. Food safety is at the top of our anthill as a value.
All our products, from granola to complete snack insects, are tested and approved by the accredited French laboratory COFRAC.
And to top it all off: we have really become race-against-the-clock champions! With the lot number on your package, we can provide all production details of every buffalo worm in less than 4 hours.

If you have any questions about the quality and traceability of your products, please contact Sandrine. She is committed to answer you the same day!

What else?

The certification authority regularly comes to our workshop to check whether we are doing everything right. They pay us a visit every year to ensure that we always perform at the highest level!

In the meantime, we do everything we can to let Europe eat insects and to constantly improve the quality of our products.

Small crispy detail

We succeeded in having the inspector eat crickets! 😉

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