We often get out of our anthill to have a talk with inspiring people and to chat with them about their passion, motivation and obviously insects.

The introduction

This month, we met a young participant from our photo contest “Summer Cricket Power”. Kim is 10 years old and lives in the South of France. She loves dancing, cycling, gymnastics and swimming. A very active young girl indeed, and as you may guess she loves to get some cricket power too! A few days before going back to school, we interviewed her about her passion for edible insects.

The questionnaire

1. How did you discover edible insects?

With my parents, we discovered JIMINI’S edible insects in Nature & Découvertes and we loved them at first sight. But I have to admit that we were ready because we already ate insects during our holidays.

2. Where did you travel and which insects did you eat? 

We travelled a lot to Kenya, Brazil, Thaïland… and everytime we discovered some culinary specialities. I remember well the scorpions we ate in Thaïland. It was delicious even if they have a very strong shell.

A real bugbite traveller ! 😉

And above all, I’m accustomed to eating insects. I often eat raw grasshoppers in the backyard!

We have to admit that she’s a real adventurer, but that’s not something we recommend.

3. And what do your friends think about eating insects?

They never tried and find it disgusting, except Luna. She also loves eating insects.

4. Why do to you think that people are afraid of eating insects in Europe? 

Hum, I don’t understand why… It’s maybe because they’re not accustomed to it. Or maybe because they’re afraid of live insects.

5. What’s your favourite JIMINI’S insect?

I tried many of them. I loved them because of the different seasonings. I would say that my favourites ones are the paprika-grasshoppers. They’re a little bit spicy, I find that’s cool!

6.  For you, what will we be eating in 2050?

Edible insects, obviously!

Quite logic 😀

7. In your opinion, are insects rather sweet or savoury ? 

I didn’t try your unseasoned insects right now… but I would say that it’s rather savoury.

And a bonus, 3 instant questions :

  • If you were an insect, which one were you? A ladybug, because they’re beautiful
  • A song that gives you the #cricketpower ! Maître GIMS & Vianney – La Même
  • With whom would you dream of sharing some bugs with?  Ambre, dans Soy Luna

Well, if you don’t got the reference either you’re not French or you are just as us maybe too old…

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