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How to cook insects ?

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Once you discover our seasoned insects as appetizers, you often ask the following “How to cook insects ?” If after following our blog, you still got questions on how to cook insects, you’re in the right place. In this article, … Read more

Do insects contain gluten ?

4627est-ce que les insectes comestibles contiennent du gluten ?

Gluten … the strange word that pops up more and more. What is gluten? What is it doing? And can I eat insects if I am gluten intolerant? We will try to answer these questions for you in the text … Read more

What is an Ento-Vegetarian ?


In the blog, we discussed the question of whether edible insects are superfoods, we used the term ‘ento-vegetarian’. We got surprisingly many questions about what exactly this means. Here follows the explanation, taken over with permission from the author on … Read more