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Are edible insects superfood ?

4375edible insects superfood

Nanna Roos, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen, stated at the Congress “Edible insects; the value chain” the next question: ‘Are edible insects superfoods?’ We asked ourselves the same, that’s why we listened carefully and can now give the … Read more

Thaï insect cuisine : mealworms’ Som Tam

4349insect cuisine criquets migrateurs

Originally from Laos and transmitted all across South-East asia, Som Tam is litteraly a green papaya salad, from which the primary ingredient is the papaya’s grated flesh collected before maturity. It is completed by other ingredients, including powdered dried shrimps. … Read more

Recipe: Bricks with Goat cheese and honey

3922goat cheese bricks

At JIMINI’S, we all love honey! It’s a natural sugar that contains antioxidants that are beneficial for our health. Honey has a lower glycemic index than sugar so you get all the sweetness without a glycemic peak. With different flavours, … Read more

Japanese insect recipe : Tsukudani confit

4180cooking insects - insect recipe from Japan

Grasshoppers, wasp larvae, silkworm pupae: In Japan, eating insects is present even if it’s not very public. One of the popular ways to cook insect is the “Tsukudani”. Cooking an insect recipe: The tsukudani confit This way of cooking comes … Read more