What is an Ento-Vegetarian ?


In the blog, we discussed the question of whether edible insects are superfoods, we used the term ‘ento-vegetarian’. We got surprisingly many questions about what exactly this means. Here follows the explanation, taken over with permission from the author on Ensie.

An ento-vegetarian is someone who eats vegetarian and eats insects.

The ento-vegetarian, therefore, does not eat meat or fish, but insects. An ento-vegan is then obviously someone who follows a complete plant-based diet and adds insects to it. This may sound crazy at first, but the main considerations that make these groups choose to eat insects are in the area of sustainability. The cultivation of insects produces high-quality proteins through the use of ‘waste streams’. Nevertheless, using the term Vegan could be problematic as the Vegan philosophy
involves not breeding nor killing any animals. As much as farming insects could sustainable and ethically be, it stills involves breeding and killing animals.

Eating insects is a conscious choice in the West; insects are not yet a standard part of Western eating habits. Eating insects is gradually becoming more normal in Europe because more and more people come into contact with it. Our clientele grows every day, and we get more fans every day. More and more people believe in our motto ‘Eat smaller, think bigger!’.

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