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Ready to eat grasshoppers - 1 to 2 persons

Picto-10g Delicious crispy grasshoppers (10g)

Insects can contain gluten and have the same allergens as crustaceans, molluscs and mites. 

European insects, cooked in France in our factory in Vaux-le-Pénil. 100% natural


Our insects have it all! Nutritive and naturals, they are rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2, B12, contain fibres and omegas 3 & 6. Insects are also respectful of the environment, they consume little space, food and don't produce greenhouse gas. 

Cooked in our french workshop, just a stone throw from Paris, we use spices and condiments of high quality that will spice up your days! 

You will discover entomophagy with such pleasure with our Cocoa grasshoppers ! 


For new tasty pleasures during your long evening or brunches, we expanded our famous seasoned insects range with new sweet flavours.

Slightly roasted in an oven and coated with cocoa, they are perfectly golden and crispy. They can be paired with a hot chocolate by the fire or with a fig marmalade toast. We also directly love them as a snack! 

Our sportives friends would prefer to add it to a protein smoothie, while gourmets will integrate it in açaï bowl for a chocolate touch. 

Edible insects farming: from ecological benefits to nutritional ones

The environmental benefits of insect farming are often highlighted, and it is well-deserved! Indeed, while traditional farming consumes alarming amounts of water, feed and space, the edible grasshopper is much more thrifty. He does not need much to thrive: 10 kg of food is enough to produce 8kg of insects when it only provides for 1kg of beef.

What’s more, insect farming can arise 3 dimensions whereas it is quite difficult to imagine piling cows up to a farm’s ceiling! Another advantage: living insects reject almost no greenhouse gases, which is far from true as cows and sheep are concerned. Nutritive advantages are not to be forgotten too: the edible insect is often richer in proteins than traditional meat (for the same weight), which implies that quantities produced can be reduced, and thus, less natural resources will be needed!

However, for these benefits to have a large-scale impact, we’ll have to wait for edible insect farming to spread in our western countries, which are huge meat-eaters. 10kg of food will then be enough to produce 8kg of insects instead of the only 1kg of beef. 

Nutritional information:

Per 100g:
Energy 1558 kJ/371 kcal
Fat  10g
(of which saturates) 4,0g
Carbohydrate 21g
(of which sugars) 17g
Fibre 12g
Protein 43g
Salt 0,3g


Net weight : 10 g

Ingredients: dehydrated whole migratory locusts (Locusta migratoria)* 59%, sugar, cocoa powder 6.3%, coating agent: acacia gum.

Warning and cross-contaminationpeople who are allergic to molluscs, crustaceans and/or mites may have an allergic reaction to eating insects. May contain traces of nuts, milk, gluten, egg and sesame seeds.

Storage conditions: store away from moisture and light. After opening, consume within 3 days.



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