Our mission:
We want you to eat insects!

(and like it!)

We are JIMINI'S and we want to change the world (just a little), starting by introducing step by step a new sustainable and healthy source of nutrients in our diet: edible insects as food.

Why ?

It's very simple: insects have the power to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our western diet.

  • Farming insects requests fewer resources than cattle
  • Insects grow quickly
  • Insects have very good nutritional qualities
  • Insects have so many different tastes, it's a culinary revolution!

Small but mighty!


It won't be tomorrow that you'll have to eat insects in every meal so our job is to make you want to try and enjoy it, with pleasure and open mindedness.

Besides, insects have significant benefits compared to other conventional sources of protein!

The nutrition part ...


... and the environment

Environment and insects jiminis

Making good, healthy and appealing products

Since 2012, we have created and developed delicious products for you to discover and enjoy the best of edible insects. We’re working like busy bees to create whole edible insect based products (yes, we’re proud of our beautiful insects) and processed products made with insect flour.

Share insects with your friends!

Everything started from there, the pleasure of sharing a good time with your friends. Snacking is the perfect time to share seasoned grasshoppers, mealworms and crickets!

snack box insects jimini's
Edible insects to cook JIMINIS

Easy to cook our insects!

Cooking is often the best way to discover a new ingredient! Let's start with insects and find out the best recipes with our insects!

Get the cricket power!

Insects have a lot of nutritional benefits. You can enjoy it with our insects flour based products! Small but mighty, it’s not the size that counts!

our workshop jiminis

High traceability and quality

Our insects are exclusively farmed in Europe, in specialized farms to bring you the best guarantees of quality and traceability. They’re only fed with GMO free vegetal food, dehydrated with a freezing process that preserves the nutrients and benefits of our insects.

Our products are manufactured in our facility in Vaux le Pénil, near Melun in the South of Paris. We take care of the quality of our insects and all the ingredients we use. Our whole insects are seasoned with natural spices and our bars are made with organic dried fruits, almonds and chocolate.

Our facility never stops and we’re already working on developing new edible insects based products. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay updated!


Let's change (just a bit) the world!

JIMINI’S is comited for you

We make quality products, made in France

Our products are made from whole or processed insects, raised in Europe to ensure quality and traceability. Our recipes use natural ingredients of high quality, processed by hand and with love in our facility.

Respect the environment

We’re committed to minimize our impact on the environment. We use 50% recycled paper to manufacture our packaging, we strive to minimize the power consumption of our facility, we minimize the impact related to the transport of our insects by sourcing it in Europe and controlling our waste emissions.

Getting involved in a concret way

Every year we give 2% of our net income to associations taking car of the environment.


We regularly conduct educational activities to change attitudes concerning sustainable food. Indeed, it’s not in our culture to eat insects so we have to educate, especially young people who are the first concerned by our Western alimentation.

Be carefull with allergens!

Few people know that insects are part of the arthropods family and therefore are close cousins of crustaceans, dust mites and arachnids. If you’re allergic to any of those animals, do not take unnecessary risks, insects are not for you…