edible insect with jiminis

Before starting

The first time you want to eat an edible insect (and it won’t be the last, I swear) it’s with JIMINI’S!

First, make sure you’re not allergic to insects. Indeed, edible insects are like all the other food with allergens.

You may be surprised to learn, but edible insects are part of the crustacean family, like seafood (crabs, shrimps, prawns) so if you have a shellfish allergy then Jimini’s are not for you.

For those of you who are not allergic to any of these little creatures, you now have no excuse: you must eat an insect!


Edible insects for everyone

But which one?! A grasshopper? Too big for a first time! A cricket? Why not!

May be you decide to try the Mealworms, our delicious mealworm, seasoned with garlic and herbs!

At first, you look at them in their little packet, fascinated like an inquisitive child but not very confident. You want to try them! You MUST try them!

The first thing you notice is it’s quite crispy, then you taste a touch of garlic and herbs… Yum, edible insects are absolutely delicious!

Now you want to try another one, you decide to taste a grasshopper. Bigger, more imposing, but also crispier and tastier!

Since then you have never looked back. You love JIMINI’S little edible insects! Each time you’re invited to a friends’ house, you make them try a mealworm, a cricket or even a grasshopper with so many flavours to choose from Sesame & cumin, Imperial soy, garlic & herbs, BBQ, sweet mango, fruity curry, paprika, Greek herbs, pepper & dried tomatoes…

Insect easy

You’ve done it! Congrats! But, if you take the time to think about it, you’ll see that edible insects are finally like crustaceans from earth (not a coincidence if we compare grasshoppers to the prawns) and not worst than the oysters, snails, raw meat and raw fish… Hopefully, JIMINI’S is here to educate our mind!

Now that you’re an experienced entomophagous, which one of these edible insects do you prefer? Inspire your friends and make them eat an insect! If you want to share your experience with edible insects with us or your pictures: send them to us on our Facebook or Instagram & Twitter with #eatsmaller :)