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Many of you have been asking us what do we drink with our edible insects? In order to give you the best answer, we’ve contacted the experts in this area and we’ve come up with various suggestions! So…

Let's start soft

The aperitif is not always synonyms with wine, beers or even cocktails and can be just as great with a nice cool drink. We could not find an expert to pair an ideal soft drink with edible insects, so we’ve decided to form our own panel! Giovanni our Ice Tea specialist, Sophie a compulsive consumer of Coca Cola and finally Nicolas a juice lover of all kinds. The results are clear, ALL soft drinks tested fitted perfectly with our crunchy and tasty edible insects! 

Wing and wine

In order to know what the best wine is to be served with our grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms, we’ve decided to contact our friends from Le Petit Ballon. Jean Michel Deluc, Master Sommelier since 1991 and previously sommelier at the Ritz (if you please) in Paris, has organized for us a tasting. Result: Best to match your wine according to the seasoning of the insects. Indeed, the natural flavour of the insect is very neutral and the seasoning obviously much stronger.


As an aperitif, beers have many different specifications. However we haven’t yet found our beer expert, but we’re working on it!

If you have already tried a beer or indeed any other beverage whilst enjoying edible insects, do not hesitate to share your experience on our Facebook page or email us J

And remember, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health but not the insects!

More info about pairing edible grubs with drinks?

Are you interested in pairing edible insects with drinks? We wrote a complete article about this topic! You should check it on our blog!

If you try your own pairing, share it with us! We would love to see your creativity!