Where are the restaurants to eat edible insects?

Edible insects, you hear a lot about them: they’re rich in proteins, vitamins (B, B2 & D), minerals, and fatty acids and they are naturally low in fat, you got it! But you wonder: where can you eat insects? Here are some nice places across the world where the Chefs intent to cook insects, creating many original insect recipes!

restaurant to eat edible insects


1) Eat insects in Paris

In the heart of the 18th district of Paris, capital of the country of wine and cheese, you may find cooked insects in your plate! Come to the Festin Nu (, you will enjoy, with a glass of wine or a light fresh beer, some mealworms or crispy grasshoppers!

Le Festin Nu | 10 rue de la Fontaine du But 75018 | 01 42 58 60 64


2) Eat insects in London

Not far from the British Museum, in the heart of London, the exotic restaurant Archipelago ( makes you some delicious insect recipes. For instance, you may want to try as a starter their “Summer nights”:  pan fried chermoula crickets, quinoa, spinach and dried fruits.

Archipelago | 53 Cleveland Street London W1T 4JJ        |     +44 (0) 207 6379 611

3) Eat insects in Warsaw


In the heart of Warsaw, in the Kabaty district, you may try the Co To To Je cuisine, the first restaurant to cook insects in Poland. This restaurant offers you an entire menu made of insect recipes. The insects are cultivated on the spot and the Chef likes to cook insects of all sorts: silkworms, grasshoppers, cricket salsa or other insect chips! The Chef is very famous in Poland and will make you eat insects and be crazy about it!

Co To To Je     |


4) Eat insects in New York


In the United States, you often expect to eat a delicious burger, you’ll tell me, and not especially insects! But why shouldn’t you enjoy both?

The Mexican restaurant Antojeria la Popular (, in the Village of NYC, tries to cook insects the American way. You may want to try their delicious « Grass-Whopper »: a grasshopper burger, with spices, red onions, salad and tomatoes… But you may also be more exotic and taste the grasshopper tacos!

Antojeria la Popular | 50 Spring Street  |  +1 646 476 3567

5) Eat insects in Toronto

In Canada, the weather isn’t always freezing; summer can be very hot! So, you may be tempted by a delicious ice-cream in Toronto’s Death in Venice Gelato (, you may also find them in Constantinople Bakery in the Queen West. Among many original recipes, you will find a chocolate, cricket crisps and mealworms ice-cream.

However, if you plan to travel to Asia or even to Latin America, you’ll find insects in a lot of restaurants! Like, for instance, the Rice and Circus restaurant in Shinjuku, next to Tokyo where you may enjoy soy salsa grasshoppers, wasps larva confits, silkworms in a vegetable quiche, ants rice…