cricket flour

Replace your steak with insects? Maybe not quite yet! However more and more has been discussed about all the benefits of insect flour. Also known as insect powder, it naturally has all the nutritional benefits of whole insects, just a higher concentration of proteins, minerals, amino acids, omega etc … Simply jam packed full goodness! This is the perfect solution for people who may be initially put off by the appearance of the insects which now become invisible.

Differents products with the cricket flour

Currently, insect flour is used as an ingredient to add in nutrients to some products, such as energy bars. You can also find some as in ingredient in crisps, crackers or even in some milkshakes!

There are some companies who go further by using insect flour with the intention of replacing a portion of traditional vegetable or animal proteins, by making tofu steaks or even insect steaks.

The insect flour can also be used like any other traditional flour or indeed mixed in with another variety. It can be then consumed for its nutritional benefits to produce great tasting pastries, bread, cakes etc...

Cricket flour or cricket powder ?

The definition of the word « flour » is « a powder obtained by grinding food into small pieces » so either word works. However for us, flour is more adaptable for the food market.