As you may know, if you are a devout supporter of JIMINI’S, we hold each month our famous event #SHAREABUG: It’s the perfect opportunity for us to meet up with our followers and explain the virtues of eating insects, but also to introduce our new products which are enriched with insect flour.


On the last Tuesday of (almost) every month, we meet up to have a drink (and a cricket!), to chat, to meet new people, to debate but above all, to eat insects and enjoy a drink with some friends!


Our events are intent on introducing entomophagy to French people: we want to show you that you can eat insects and enjoy them, in a friendly and fun enviroment, in great places around Paris (for now)!

During these –pretty unique– events, we can meet your friends, chat with strangers (or even meet someone! J) and above all meet us! What’s more, if you have a question or comment, there will always be a JIMINI’S member on hand to listen as well as answer any points you may have, because: we are kind like that! We are exceptional listeners and know everything you may ask about the insects by heart.


The #SHAREABUG events are not just about enjoying great drinks with your friends, oh no! They are also the chance for you to discover new places, bars, restaurants that are completely unusual and trendy, much like JIMINI’S !


You will find all the information about our events on the Facebook page we created: Like our Facebook page if you don’t want to miss out!


Come share a bug with us! ;)