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How to store my insects once the box is open?


If you haven’t eaten your entire JIMINI’S box you can store your edible insects in an airtight container.

Your JIMINI’S edible insects box is open, what should you do? Here are some saving tips for you:


It was the first time you had eaten edible insects and you didn’t eat them all at once… or, generously, you decided to keep some grasshoppers for a snack with some friends tomorrow… or you’ve seen to big and you’ve opened many boxes at once… Well, say no more, you haven’t eaten your entire box and you’re asking yourself how to store your insects without them being any less crispy!


Well then, after 4 years of studies on the storing conditions of grasshoppers, 12 patent applications and a test realized upon a 6552 people panel, we found THE solution for you: a little airtight plastic box, also called a Tupper****.

In order to store my insects without any trouble, I only need to put them in the box and to close it up carefully!


Thus, your edible insects will be stored protected from the ambient air and humidity, which will keep them crispy and will enable you to serve them for a next snack (until one week after you opened it!) as long as they were stored at the right temperature and protected from the light.


How is it possible? You don’t own a Tupper****?

That’s terrible, but fortunately, we have a plan B: the airtight bag or the freezing bag. Once again, it will protect your edible insects from humidity and the ambient air.


Well played!

You see, it’s pretty easy to store your edible insects!

However, all these saving tips exposed, between you and me, I honestly wonder: who doesn’t finish its delicious JIMINI’S edible insects box?!