To achieve this highly surgical operation with success, you will need two hands!

Eating grasshoppers is not that big of a deal! In reality, it’s pretty simple; all you need to do is to follow carefully these instructions on how to prepare an edible grasshopper in 4 steps:


  1.      First of all, grab your edible grasshopper between the thumb and the index finger of your left hand (or in your right one if you’re left-handed!). 
  1.      With the other hand, you pull up the wings so they are above the body using your thumb and his friend the index finger.
  1.      Then, pinch the wings at the base and bring them up towards the grasshopper’s head quickly, but don’t be brutal otherwise you might cut your grasshopper into pieces or tear its wings apart!
  1.      Et voilà. You can drop the wings on the table or into a bowl. You might even want to keep them in your hands to look at the subtle patterns. 


Congratulations! You now know how to take off your grasshopper’s wings and this can be added to your résumé or bragged about at diner with your friends by teaching them how to eat grasshoppers!


I ate my edible grasshopper’s wings, what should I do?

Don’t Panic! Grasshoppers’ wings are edible, we only advise you to take them off so that they do not stick on your tongue, because of how thin they are!

But if you want to grow wings and fly away for dinner, you can try to eat grasshoppers’ wings, who knows…!

So there you are! You now know all about how to prepare an edible grasshopper to enjoy as a snack or as an aperitif before dinner. Now go and enjoy the great taste of Jimini’s  grasshoppers ;)