which insects are edible

There is actually more than 2000 insects on Earth according to the Food & Agriculture Organization. Obviously, some of them are more common than the others.

Beetle, king of the world

The most common beetle used is the scarab beetle. This family of beetle is the most consumed on Earth and represents 31% of all the edible insects. Mainly consumed as larvae, beetles are the big champions of entomophagy.

Lepidoptera, is in second place

You probably know about Lepidoptera! These were the first to be farmed for the production of silk, but also particularly consumed in Asia. Lepidoptera represent 18% of edible insects on the planet, not too bad!


In third place, you find the Hymenoptera with a score of 14%. The Hymenoptera are ants, bees and wasps. Mainly consumed in Latin America as well as in Asia. In France, we have for a long time consumed bees and wasps larvae.


You can find them everywhere, from Mexico to Thailand and even in Africa! Ladies & Gentlemen, we give you the grasshoppers, crickets, locusts which are close runners up, with 13% of total insects consumed.

What about JIMINI'S?

The real question is why we propose that 3 edible insects on our great new website if there is more than 2000? Well, this is a voluntary choice that we’ve made because we wanted to have the best quality of insects. For that we buy them from a specialized farm in Netherlands where the quality follows strict controls so we can purchase with confidence and the none of the insects are not taken from the wild!