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You are a reseller (fine food shop, wholesaler, concept store, specialised chain)

Welcome to Jimini's

Are you a manager of a fine food shop or a wine store? Are you a buyer for a big distributor or a specialised chain (sport, organic products, department stores)?

If so, then please contact us to explore our edible insects and to add our product range to your selection.

Since 2012, Jimini's has built up more than 300 partnerships within six different European countries. We would be delighted for you join the adventure also in proposing the best edible insects to your clients: 

  • All our insects have been bred in Europe
  • We manufacture our products in France, in Vaux-le-Pénil, close to Melun (77)
  • Our products are healthy and tasty
  • We are at your disposal when it comes to tasting and in providing advice concerning sales and implantation
  • And finally, we're good listeners and we are kind and smily (especially Thibaud), and this won't cost you a penny

You are a caterer, a chef, manager of a restaurant, bar, hotel

Would you like to offer the best edible insects on your menu? If so, then we have some great news - we can meet your needs with Jimini's edible insects. If you would like to buy European whole insects by kilo, natural or seasoned, dehydrated or fresh* or as a ground flour*, then do not hesitate to contact us to get more information.

*Products available in Belgium, the Netherlands and in the UK.

You are an event agency, works council, association

Are you searching for a quality edible insect supplier for a presentational event, for a business gift or for a community event? Then contact us so we can learn about your needs and offer tailor-made solutions.