manger des insectes avec jimini's c'est facile et délicieux! Les vers de farine sont riches en protéines

You have surely heard of insects as food. Eating insects is good for your body and for the planet, that's why you want to try to eat insects! At JIMINI'S, we also made them tasty, so it will be a very easy and delicious first time. We noticed that if you want to try insects as food it's easier to start by eating mealworms as they are particularly crispy. We created a 4 steps guide to help you discover these edible insects. Enjoy !


1.      Prepare your most beautiful bowl for this delicious experience. Open the box of buffalo worms, pop out the bag and pour on the edible worms in the bowl.

2.      If it is the first time you eat edible insects, no worries! This edible worms with their small size and nice flavour will be perfect! Did you know that the buffalo worms are the larvae of a beetle? That’s food for thought!

3.      For feeling the crispiness, the nutty aromas and the spices, take a good sized pinch of these protein packed delicacies.

4.      That’s the moment to bring your edible worms to your mouths. Crunch them happily with your friends!sects to your mouth. That's it! You just ate mealworms! Start again at step 2.


Our goal at JIMINI’S is to bring insects back in our plates and minds! As they are highly nutritive and sustainable to farm, they will be essential to our global food security

We started with whole seasoned snack insects prepared with care because we believe that we should know and recognize our food. 

We also want to use the insect protein nutritional properties. That’s why use the buffalo worms grinded into powder to enrich our pasta.

Bring your friend, be an early a catch the buffalo worms. Your delicious boxes of edible insects are just here!