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Picto-vers-buffalo Insect protein pasta made with buffalo worm flour

Picto-jiminis-pates-proteines Per pack, 3 servings

picto-allergene Insects contain similar allergens to shellfish 

Picto-organic-fig Made from 86% organic ingredients

Picto-sans-gluten-barre Dairy & soy free

pourcentage-proteines-vers Of protein, high in B12 vitamin, source of fibre and iron.


Our new range of fusilli pasta is crafted from only four ingredients - durum wheat semolina, eggs, basil and Buffalo worm powder. Like the other pasta range, 86% of the ingredients have been organically farmed for certifiable reasons in Europe.

With the JIMINI'S fusilli pasta there’s no need to add meat or other vegetable protein because it already contains 18.7% protein. The pasta can be prepared like any other type of dry pasta, you just have to leave them for 7 to 9 minutes before they can be munched.


Do you know your Alphitodius diaperinus? You might not recognise it by its scientific name, but you may know it by the name Buffalo Worm. It’s a small beetle part of the mealworm family. Slightly smaller than its cousin, it has equally interesting nutritional properties: rich in protein (55%), a source of iron and fibre, it also contains all essential amino acids not produced naturally by the human body.

And because we attach the utmost importance to the traceability and quality of our products, all insects and insect powders come exclusively from European farms.


Pasta by JIMINI'S, who’d have thought about it? Our mission is to progressively integrate the nutritional and environmental benefits of insects into our diet. What better way than pasta, a staple food in many western countries. With this new range of products, we decided to meet the needs of everyday adventurers and Sunday sportsmen (and other days), but generally, people who are fond of pasta and sensitive to their environment.

Thanks to our insect powder enriched Fusilli, with a delicious basil flavour, you can now enjoy a balanced dish without adding meat to your pasta! With its complex carbohydrates and complete protein, our pasta will also meet the needs of athletes of all levels to replenish energy or recover between two sessions. And don’t forget the main thing: they’re delicious!

Nutritional information:

 PER 100g:
Energy 1580kJ / 374 kcal
Fat 4.4g
(of which saturates) 0.9g
Carbohydrates 64.3g
(of which sugars) 2.9g
Fibres 3.8g
Protein 18.7g
Salt 0.13g
iron 2.24mg

High in protein, source of fiber.

Ingredients : Durum wheat semolina*, whole dehydrated buffalo worm powder (Alphitobius diaperinus) (14%), dehydrated egg white*, dehydrated basil (1,5%)*

Allergens : see ingredients in bold. Insects may contain gluten and soy, are similar crustaceans, molluscs and dust mites allergens.

May contain traces of : milk, sesame, sulphites, nuts.

Storage : 12 to 18 month depending on batch number.  Store in a dry place away from light.

*Organic certified ingredients


eating insects 3 things to know

Today there are more and more kinds of products appearing using insects as an edible food source. You (the consumer) might be lost within all these offers: whole insects, processed insects, raised in Europe, Asia or elsewhere, organic or not…

Here are the 3 main questions we get asked which should make things clearer for you!

Can I eat insects?

As we already explained it in a previous article about allergens, eating insects is not recommended for those of you who are allergic to crustaceans. Indeed, insects are part of the same family of crustaceans, cousins if you like, that share the same allergens. It’s better to ask your friends before you let them eat insects if they’re allergic to crustaceans, thus avoiding having to pop to the chemist or indeed hospital. That way you will get the chance to enjoy your aperitif!

If you or your friend is pregnant there is no reason why you cannot still enjoy eating insects. However, because it’s not recommended to eat unknown products during the pregnancy, we would suggest to err on the side of caution and wait until after your baby is born!

Where do the insects come from and is it good quality?

In a few years, eating insects won’t seem as unfamiliar as it does now! We hope it will be thanks to JIMINI’S but we can’t do everything (even if we’d love to)! There are more and more players in the market offering all types of insect to eat from many areas. In order to avoid any bad experience, we advise you to ask about the origin of the insects.

At JIMINI’S, we’ve decided to work only with European suppliers. Those European suppliers guarantee us the best quality and a clear traceability that is controlled by the European Authorities. Unfortunately, in most cases, insects imported from Asia or Africa do not fit the required health standards enforced in Europe and are mainly raised in opaque conditions, from their facilities to their food (ie “why you don’t eat the insects from your garden”). Also, we would question the environmental logic about importing insects from far flung parts of the globe by air only to sell them in Europe.

We have included this question to educate you the consumer. It’s no coincidence that Belgium was the first country to ban on the market all the insects raised outside the EU!

Which products should we choose for starting eating insects?

There are many possible answers to this question but we recommend avoiding insects that you seprogramsvor programmes (ie: the enormous and completely creepy insects) and focus on small insects such as crickets and mealworms. The grasshopper, although it’s very impressive, is no bigger than a prawn and so is also ideal! If you have never tried insects before, you should start with dehydrated and seasoned insects or even energy bars made with cricket flour that will remove all visual barriers. If you are ready to progress to the next stage and cook an insect based dish it is always advisable to taste them before cooking, so you can enjoy their “original” taste. It can also depend on the occasion as you might prefer an energy bar at 9:30AM rather than mealworms seasoned with garlic & herbs J

One thing that has become clear; you prefer to enjoy your first insects with friends! They are a great talking point, with the bravest of you able to reassure the most fearful to try the insects without actual physical force! J Eating insects should be a fun discovery and not an obligation!

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