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picto-origine-4personnes for 2 to 4 persons

picto-origine-vers-de-farine-poids of dehydrated mealworms, ready to cook

picto-insectes-nature-allergènes Insects contain similar allergens to shellfish

picto-europe-insectes-nature 100% European insects

picto-insectes-comestibles-cuisine one exclusive recipe in each box !

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After crunching your aperitif with our seasoned edible insects, discover the pleasure of cooking our Origine Range. Our edible mealworms will suit perfectly in your salads, will enrich your dishes and will be perfect for your desserts. You can even cook our seasoned insects and create new flavours thanks to our culinary tips ;) Mealworms are high in proteins and vitamins, they will add some crispiness and enrich all of your dishes.


To provide you with a successful experience, we’ve been working with French chefs from l’Atelier des Chefs to develop ten exclusive recipes around our Mealworms & Grasshoppers.You can then enjoy our revisited risotto or our truffles with crunchy mealworms. We believe in sharing so we invite you to create your own recipes that we share on our website. For that, send us a nice note via our contact form. 

Nutritional information:

Per 100g:
Energy 2340kJ / 512 kcall
Total fat  29.2g
(of which saturates) 7,1g
Total carbohydrate 6.1g
(of which sugars) 0g
Dietary fibres 4.9g
Protein 55.1g
Salt 0.4g

High in protein and source of fibres

 Whole dehydrated mealworms (Tenebrio molitor)

Allergens :Insects may contain gluten and have same allergens as crustaceans, molluscs and dust mites. May contain traces of: sesame, milk, sulfites

Storage: 8 to 12 month depending on batch number. Store in a dry place away from light. Ready to eat and best before 3 days after opening.


cook insects with chocolate

We are offering you an original way to cook insects with our chocolate truffle with mealworms. Put your apron on and get ready for this exceptional dessert.

Cooking edible insects has never been so easy (and delicious!)

For preparing your mealworms truffles, 20 minutes of preparation will be needed; followed by approximately a half an hour of resting time.

Ingredients (for 4 persons):

  • 165 gr of dark chocolate
  • 8.5 cl of liquid cream
  • 30 gr of mealworms (1 box of Original mealworms)
  • 2 cl of Grand Marnier
  • 20 g of unsweet powder cocoa

Let's go in the kitchen

In a hot pan, cook the mealworms in the Grand Marnier until the alcohol is completely evaporated. Be careful of not burning yourself!

In a pot, heat the liquid cream until the boiling point. Then, add the chocolate in small pieces. You should obtain a smooth mix. You can now add your mealworms.

Let resting the preparation on a baking tray in the refrigerator for 3 minutes. Once the paste is cold, cut it in small squares, roll them into bowls with your hands. Coat them with cocoa powder. Your edible insects' truffles are ready!

You can also coat your truffles with mealworms, coconut or dried fruits depending on your taste.

Did you know? The origin of the truffle

In 1895, a chocolate maker out of chocolate, decide to create a recipe with liquid cream and cocoa. Chocolate truffle was born!

Well, we think that, at this time, he didn't think about adding some delicious, nutritious and crispy insects!

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