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 6 portions of granola enriched with insect powder in each bag.

 of granola in each bag.

allergens insects contain similar allergens to shellfish

High in antioxidants, magnesium, omega-3, fibre and iron.

organic-bar-fig made with 95% organic ingredients

oDiscover the granola enriched with insect protein with Jimini's

For 5 years, we are developing a large variety of products made with edible insects to empower people to try and implement this new food source in their diet.

After our whole insects as a snack and for cooking, our protein bars and pasta, we are proud to show you our brand new granola enrich with buffalo worm protein.

Granola is a mix of cereals, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. It is well suited for breakfast or as a topping for your yogourt. We love to eat it straight out of the bag!

For making it even more nutritious and delicious, we added some buffalo worm powder especially rich in proteins and with a nutty flavour.

Chocolate insects, a sweet pleasure

Among the delicate pairing that we enjoy, we had to offer you some dark chocolate.

Our granola composed of oats and whole almonds has been enriched with chocolate chips.

If you enjoy your granola in a liquid, the chocolate chips will start to melt. Our mouths are already watering!

A granola with insect protein, coconut and chocolate: some health benefits

Our first goal was to offer you a tasty granola but without compromising on the nutritional benefits.

Oat flakes and coconut sugar will bring you carbohydrates with low glycemic index, it will provide you energy and satiety without any sugar rush.

Regarding dark chocolate, it is high in magnesium and contains fatty acids that will help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Finally, insect powder will bring you a complete source of proteins. Buffalo worms contain as much as 55% of complete protein; containing all the 9 essential aminoacids.


Edible insects are well known for being high in protein and a good source of vitamins and minerals. They are easy to raise and they require few feed and water. That's why the FAO promoted them as a solution for answering some issues of our current food system.

At Jimini's, our mission is to integrate them step by step in European's diet. For raising awareness about edible insects benefits, we are developing a large range of food products using them as a nutritious source of protein.

 Nutritional information:

 For 100g :For 40g :
Energy (kJ / kcal) 1889 / 452 756 / 181
Fats (g) 21.9 8.8
of which saturated fats (g) 4.2 1.7
Of which Omega-3 (g) 1.2
(60% of DRI*)
(24% of DRI*)
Carbohydrates (g) 45.4 18.2
Of which sugar (g) 18.6 7.4
Fibres (g) 8.1 3.0
Proteins (g) 14.2 5.7
Salt (g) 0.05 0.02
Iron (mg) 6
(43% of RDA*)
(17,2% of RDA*)
Magnesium (mg) 119
(31.6% of RDA*)
(12.7% of RDA*)
Vitamin E (mg) 6.6
(55.2% of RDA*)
(22.1% of RDA*)

Nutritional advantages: Source of protein, high in antioxidants, fibre, magnesium, omega-3 and iron.

Net weight: 250 grams

Ingredients: Oat flakes*, maple syrup*, coconut sugar*, chocolate chips 9%*(cocoa mass 4.3%*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter 0.6%*, vanilla extract*), whole almonds*, chia seeds*, deodorized rapeseed oil*, hulled sunflower seeds*, whole dehydrated buffalo worm flour (Alphitobius diaperinus) 4%, puffed quinoa*, sunflower protein*, hulled hemp seeds*, vanilla extract.

Allergens: See ingredients in bold. Insects contain similar allergens to shellfish and dust mites. May contains sesame.

Storage: 8 to 12 months, depending on the batch number. Store in a cool, dry place. 

*Organic Certified ingredients

Certified FR-BIO-01


cricket flour

Replace your steak with insects? Maybe not quite yet! However more and more has been discussed about all the benefits of insect flour. Also known as insect powder, it naturally has all the nutritional benefits of whole insects, just a higher concentration of proteins, minerals, amino acids, omega etc … Simply jam packed full goodness! This is the perfect solution for people who may be initially put off by the appearance of the insects which now become invisible.

Differents products with the cricket flour

Currently, insect flour is used as an ingredient to add in nutrients to some products, such as energy bars. You can also find some as in ingredient in crisps, crackers or even in some milkshakes!

There are some companies who go further by using insect flour with the intention of replacing a portion of traditional vegetable or animal proteins, by making tofu steaks or even insect steaks.

The insect flour can also be used like any other traditional flour or indeed mixed in with another variety. It can be then consumed for its nutritional benefits to produce great tasting pastries, bread, cakes etc...

Cricket flour or cricket powder ?

The definition of the word « flour » is « a powder obtained by grinding food into small pieces » so either word works. However for us, flour is more adaptable for the food market.

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