Insects recipe for Halloween: Mummified grasshoppers

4509Snack halloween recipe insect : Mummified grasshoppers

For beginning your Halloween event, begin with an insect recipe as a starter: Some mummified grasshoppers.

We got this recipe in mind for a long time and we thought that it was the perfect moment!

Who said that we need to make things complicated for tasty recipes? For these mummified grasshoppers, you’ll only need a box of your favourite grasshoppers’ box and half of a pizza dough.

Ingredients for 15 mummified crispy grasshoppers

Preparation of your Halloween’s insect recipe

    1. Start by gently taking off your grasshopper wings. If you don’t know how to proceed, here is the guide !
    2. Season the pizza dough with your favourite spice et cut in small bands.
    3. Wrap your grasshoppers
    4. Cook in the oven for 10 to 15 min at 170°C
    5. Take of the oven once the dough has crispen.
    6. That’s ready ! Serve it hot for an enhanced flavour.

After your crispy grasshoppers, will you enjoy a tombstone verrine ?

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